Monday, January 23, 2023

OAMC #14 - A Quick Realization

Have you ever been sorting cards and have an "aha!" moment?

I had one today. 

Based on my collecting goals, the sport that I am closest to finishing in Basketball. I am just under 27% complete of the nearly 40,000 cards on the list. I also have boxes of unsorted Basketball cards around the card room. 

What this tells me is that it's time to focus my attention there. If I can pinpoint the Basketball stuff and get it sorted and put away, then that will knock out a nice chuck of work that needs to be done and could likely bring the Basketball collection to 50% or better. 

This will take some time to find all of the Basketball mixed in with everything else. This also means some decisions need to be made. Sets like Metal Universe are outside of my normal timeframe but I like them too much to not go for the set. This also includes Ovation--something about a card that feels like a Basketball just appeals to me.

Outside of the few set exceptions will be my 11 PC players. At the moment, I will not be actively seeking out their later years card. This is just so I can focus on what I need for my sets. 

The ultimate goal of this is to possibly knock out 2-3 sets towards the 2023 goal. I am close to a few Fleer and Hoops sets, so this is feasible.

More to follow on this as I figure it out.


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