Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Well, stuff happened...

 So, my grand schemes to have a fantastical card blog have been non-existent. In my defense, the last few months have been rough. 

Some highlights including losing Doodle (My dog and closet thing I had to a child), a CoVID scare at work that quarantined my wife and I for a week (test was negative for us both), and 3 death where I work. My work is a senior apartment complex and the last one hit me pretty hard. 

With this, we had an audit at work, cleanup from said audit, an MFA class, trades I couldn't keep up with, depression and pain... There's more...  

It's been a whopper of a few months. I'm mentally wiped out.

I am prepping however. Prepping for the new year.  I just set up a new twitter for card stuff @MadSetCollector that will be for trades, sales and retweets. I am also clearing all of the hobby stuff off of my primary twitter so that I can take that back to writing and personal stuff.

My goal right now is to finish the trades I have in the air, resume regular trading on TCDB, start writing more and finish organizing the cards. I also want to begin exercising again while find more time to read. 

I plan to have a definitive answer of what I own card-wise and what my target is overall. 

In other words, it's time to get life in order...

Wish me luck.

Stay safe and thank you all for your patience.