Thursday, February 22, 2024

OAMC #24 - 2024 Topps and Meds

Organizing a Million Cards #24 - 2024 Topps and Meds

Well,  the New Years plans to keep the blog going at least biweekly didn't really work out. 

As it goes, the Docs put me on new meds in December. They, in turn, reacted with my old meds and I got to go through withdrawals while getting used to a new med. The upside is that things are finally tapering off. The new meds are keeping the headaches at bay, but now my sleep is jacked. 

As my dad says, "You're a science experiment..."

On the upside, we found an LCS in Apex that is absolutely worth going to. If you're in NC, try Cardiacs. Such a good attitude which is a sigh of relief compared to my local LCS here...  

And of course, 2024 Topps Series 1 dropped on Valentine's Day. My wife went to get a message and I spent too much on retail, but was super happy to rip something on release day.

Say what you want, I love the new design. After a Jumbo, a Hobby, 2 Blasters, 2 Fat Packs and a Hanger--we finally finished the set. I have 5 duplicate Tyler Soderstrom cards and only one Elly--which is in my set.

The highlights for me:

1st Card: 

Favorite Card: Rizzo with a pinstripe....  Love it!

Most Valuable Card: Elly Homefield Advantage. Running between $150-175 online.

We also finally got some Stadium Club which is beautiful as always.

Hope all is well in the Hobby world and Hope to be more active again soon.



  • Main Collection: 62,549
  • For Trade/Doubles - 3,922
  • 1991 Topps Glow Backs - 0
  • Mattingly Doubles - 231
  • Total Cards Logged - 566,702
  • Complete Sets - 58
  • Insert Sets/Errors - 15
  • Total percentage of Collection Logged - 6.95%