Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Progress is Progress

 So, 222,000 cards logged later on TCDB and my health is finally starting to come around. New meds are making things easier so that's a plus. I am also getting cards out to people so that is helpful. People have been very kind during the struggling, so it's nice to give back.

I plan to start ramping up this blog some too. I am home now, so I have time. We will see if the health allows that to happens, but here is to hoping.


Friday, November 12, 2021

Starting over

 So, I wiped out my collection in TCDB. The numbers didn't match the spreadsheet and it was getting out of control in the card room. 

I started re-entering everything and have made decent progress. (About 11,000 cards in.)

The nice thing is seeing all of these cards for the first time in a while. It's almost nostalgic. 

So, progress is steady and slow but happening. More to follow.


Friday, October 1, 2021

Surgery, cards and trying to get back on track.

 Yep, I'm still floating out here. 

Some of you may already know this... I was having some crazy medical issues over the last 8-10 months. (It may have been much longer than that but got worse over the last 8-10 months.) It started with my blood pressure--which turned out to be anxiety from PTSD and caffeine related. Then we got that under control only to find out that the dizziness that prompted me to go to the doctor was still happening. It was being caused by some blockages in my nose which they (the VA) thought was sleep apnea. It wasn't. I had a deviated septum and very narrow airways, which led to surgery. That was almost 3 weeks ago. Now, I can breathe right but am still swollen and sore.

But, I feel better now and can breathe clearly. I'm also not dizzy every morning.

Card organization has been on the back burner for months. I have been cataloging here and there but still have nearly 500K cards to go through. I am making progress but it's slow going. Hoping to get moving on it this weekend.

I also "owe" quite a few people some cards. Most are in return for their kindness and some are for trades. They are coming. Slowly but surely they will head out.

Now, I need to focus on recovering and getting back to normal. Or whatever normal is for me... :D

Thank you for the patience and support of the Hobby and especially to all of my friends on twitter.


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

It's been months...

 So, we finally got the health stuff to a sense of normalcy--or, at least, better than it was. Things are finally starting to move again. Exercising, eating better and only on a few meds. One day at a time.

The card cataloging has been slow but happening. Finally sorting through the 350,000 plus cards that aren't cataloged and making sure what is cataloged is actually still there...

This is a short update, but more will follow.


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Well, stuff happened...

 So, my grand schemes to have a fantastical card blog have been non-existent. In my defense, the last few months have been rough. 

Some highlights including losing Doodle (My dog and closet thing I had to a child), a CoVID scare at work that quarantined my wife and I for a week (test was negative for us both), and 3 death where I work. My work is a senior apartment complex and the last one hit me pretty hard. 

With this, we had an audit at work, cleanup from said audit, an MFA class, trades I couldn't keep up with, depression and pain... There's more...  

It's been a whopper of a few months. I'm mentally wiped out.

I am prepping however. Prepping for the new year.  I just set up a new twitter for card stuff @MadSetCollector that will be for trades, sales and retweets. I am also clearing all of the hobby stuff off of my primary twitter so that I can take that back to writing and personal stuff.

My goal right now is to finish the trades I have in the air, resume regular trading on TCDB, start writing more and finish organizing the cards. I also want to begin exercising again while find more time to read. 

I plan to have a definitive answer of what I own card-wise and what my target is overall. 

In other words, it's time to get life in order...

Wish me luck.

Stay safe and thank you all for your patience.


Monday, October 5, 2020

Still off-kilter...

 So, things are still off-kilter since September 1st. I've been playing catch up and my grand idea for this blog has fallen by the wayside. It will happen eventually...

Have a big mailday today. A stack of 73 Topps and a whole bunch of BCW boxes to finish the re-organizing project. Big sets are going into boxes appropriate for them. It clears room in the 5K boxes to organize the 375,000 cards I haven't gotten to yet. 

Progress is being made. In the effort to recheck everything in TCDB, I have made it to '98 Donruss with minimal repairs to be done with previous sets. (I am going alphabetically and then by year.) Something tells me this will all be on hold while I put those boxes together.

Either way, stuff is happening.

Last thing...  Finally pulled the trigger on an 84 Donruss Mattingly RC. He's shipping today. This completes the trifecta of Donnie cards! 36 years later... 

Also, my Carolina Card Exchange Shadow Box shipped. :D

Stay safe,


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Update for future updates

 I know, I know...  Where is my quality baseball card content?

Short answer, it's late.

Things have been busy and a bit off since losing the fuzzball. On top of that, I think I may have overwhelmed myself. The truth is, I don't have the time to do an in depth log of every card I get and all of the cool people I meet. So...

Compromising with myself:

Instead of all of the craziness, I will be posting a weekly update on totals and at least a new card of the week. I think a toned down version will be good and more manageable. 

So, there is my short update. Nothing exciting. Yet.

Oh, I also changed the list of needs to my Hit List. This is the list of the big cards I'm hunting. By hunting, I mean I want to trade for them. Will still contemplate sales, but would prefer to trade.

Okay, more to follow. Hopefully Sunday, but we will see what curveballs come this weekend.

Stay safe,