Monday, March 11, 2024

OAMC#25 - Why are We Like This?

 Organizing a Million Cards #25 - Why are we like this?

was scrolling through Twitter and saw two threads that just pissed me off.

The first was a friend of mine posting about Trevor Bauer. She is one of many people who feel like Bauer should not be in the MLB. I agree with this. Bauer has been a massive pain since his debut. The accusations against him make it that much more noticeable. Obviously, I wasn't there, so I can't say he did anything or did not, but people are entitled to their opinions when you make millions playing a sport and do something reprehensible in the public eye. 

Personally, he seems like he would be the type and then try to cover it up, but I digress...

Regardless of your stance on the matter, when someone makes a statement about it, they have the right to make said statement without the male bravado and trolling nastiness that occurred. When a friend is attacked, I take it like a call to arms against the person attacking. When that friend is being attacked because she is a woman who likes sports, I am even more pissed.

My wife is a massive Red Wings fan. When you attack a female MLB fan online, I think of it like you were attacking her. Not happening. Enter PTSD rage...

The second thing I saw involved the lashing out at women or anyone who liked the upcoming version of MLB The Show. Adding the ability to make it to the Majors in Road to the Show mode as a woman adds depth and gives every little girl out there who loves baseball a chance to see what could happen. 

For the "alpha" males out there who believe this is unrealistic--how's your HOF two-way player that vaguely looks like you minus the receding hairline and gut but ended their career with 1,200 Homers? Realistic isn't it?

Why shouldn't women have a chance to play as a woman? Why shouldn't a woman be able to play in the MLB? If they can compete at that level, why should the lack of "dangly bits" stop them?

Again, for all the "alpha" males out there... Be nicer to people and maybe stop sharing your insecurities by yelling at women who celebrate steps forward. You are not the gatekeeper. And 99.9% of you "big" men have never seen a Major League pitch. Just because you weren't good enough to play professionally and you can't get a date you don't pay for, doesn't mean you have the right to take it out on my friends...

And that's the biggest part. These women--daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, etc.--are surrounded by equally badass women and a plethora of us men who understand that to be a "man" doesn't require being a "tool" or demeaning women.

Last thing...  To the guy who put in all caps "GET OUT OF OUR HOBBY"--who said it was okay for you to take up the mantle for men everywhere or for sports fans at all? I'm pretty sure if we put it to a vote, you would be banned from sports with your man-card rescinded and not be the one to speak for us.

I posted a comment that I stand by. I was in Combat in the Middle East for 4 1/2 years. The people fighting along side me came from every walk of life. Men and women--side by side--fighting a common enemy. I would trust my life in the hands of any one of those women--heroes--before I would even consider taking any of these "alphas" into battle. 

Be better. Be better men. Be better human beings. 

The next time you want to attack a women on the internet, don't...

It's that simple.


  • Main Collection: 69,308
  • For Trade/Doubles - 4,226
  • 1991 Topps Glow Backs - 0
  • Mattingly Doubles - 237
  • Total Cards Logged - 73,771
  • Complete Sets - 64
  • Insert Sets/Errors - 15


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Thursday, February 22, 2024

OAMC #24 - 2024 Topps and Meds

Organizing a Million Cards #24 - 2024 Topps and Meds

Well,  the New Years plans to keep the blog going at least biweekly didn't really work out. 

As it goes, the Docs put me on new meds in December. They, in turn, reacted with my old meds and I got to go through withdrawals while getting used to a new med. The upside is that things are finally tapering off. The new meds are keeping the headaches at bay, but now my sleep is jacked. 

As my dad says, "You're a science experiment..."

On the upside, we found an LCS in Apex that is absolutely worth going to. If you're in NC, try Cardiacs. Such a good attitude which is a sigh of relief compared to my local LCS here...  

And of course, 2024 Topps Series 1 dropped on Valentine's Day. My wife went to get a message and I spent too much on retail, but was super happy to rip something on release day.

Say what you want, I love the new design. After a Jumbo, a Hobby, 2 Blasters, 2 Fat Packs and a Hanger--we finally finished the set. I have 5 duplicate Tyler Soderstrom cards and only one Elly--which is in my set.

The highlights for me:

1st Card: 

Favorite Card: Rizzo with a pinstripe....  Love it!

Most Valuable Card: Elly Homefield Advantage. Running between $150-175 online.

We also finally got some Stadium Club which is beautiful as always.

Hope all is well in the Hobby world and Hope to be more active again soon.



  • Main Collection: 62,549
  • For Trade/Doubles - 3,922
  • 1991 Topps Glow Backs - 0
  • Mattingly Doubles - 231
  • Total Cards Logged - 566,702
  • Complete Sets - 58
  • Insert Sets/Errors - 15
  • Total percentage of Collection Logged - 6.95%


Saturday, January 13, 2024

OAMC #23 - The Set Collector's Struggle

Organizing a Million Cards #23 - The Set Collector's Struggle

I was hoping to make my first post of the year much earlier than this, but my health likes to play games and the VA likes to give out new meds to fix that. So, I have spent the beginning of the New Year transitioning off of one med and onto another. It has not been fun, but things are improving.

With that, I'm a little late to the party here. The big bombshell of the year so far is the Wander Franco arrest. Collectors are up in arms over the reprehensible act and the value of his cards which is tanking very quickly. A lot of people are going to lose money. This is their complaint. 

A young girl was manipulated. That should be the focus. Her well-being. 

With that off my chest, this still presents a conundrum for set collectors that makes them look at their very own ethics. Can you collect the cards of someone who is accused of something so terrible--especially when it involves a minor? 

Alas, this is a card blog, so this got me thinking. As a set collector with same insane goals (Topps Tek (all patterns), Topps Total, UD 40-Man, Documentary and Yankee Stadium Legacy to name a few crazier ones.), I have found a few major struggles that people like me deal with in the hobby. 

1 - What do you do when a player does something terrible? Well--unfortunately, their cards are part of a complete set. This means in order to truly complete the set, you have to include their cards. The one saving grace here is that you don't actively need to chase their parallels or autos. Just what you need and that's it. No reason to make them a bigger part of the collection than need be.

2 - Other collectors overreacting is a terrible thing for set collectors. Burning cards publicly, cutting cards up and just throwing them away are ways that some collectors have begun to deal with this. The issue here is that some set collector likely need that card to complete something. We are not proud of the fact that the card is of "that player", but we will likely buy it on eBay or trade you for it. So, just calm down. 

Also, some people have weird PC's where they collect the autos of criminals. There's always a market.

3 - The flippers. Not only has this killed retail for most collectors, but it takes another very twisted turn--the trashing of base cards and commons. You may not be able to flip a 2020 Joey Gallo card, but someone out there is missing that Gallo. To paraphrase the awesome @notgaetti, "Ever heard of Goodwill?"  

Someone out there wants or needs those cards. Most of us are even willing to pay shipping. There are also teachers, scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, the YMCA, etc. There is always somewhere to send your unwanted base cards. Stop throwing them out. That's just a travesty to collecting.

4 - Price gauging has been terrible forever but even worse since 2020. People will find a card or set and decide it's "Super Rare" or "Hard to find" and then charge an insane amount for it. Others then follow suit and the common collector is screwed. 

This is also true of new products. Do I need to bring up Bowman Draft and the Brady thing?

5 - Grading. Raw cards are not worth what a graded card is. Stop this nonsense of trying to get graded prices on a card that is worth $10 raw--when the card is raw...

So, being a set collector has its definite down sides. This current Wander Franco thing is the worst of it. Being a set collector doesn't mean I condone his behavior, but I'm not giving up my goals for this.

It's like I say often: "If I stopped listening to music because of everything the artists were accused of or did, all I would have left is "Weird" Al and he would have nobody to make fun of."

I hope the girl involved in the Wander case finds peace and justice is served to both parties involved in doing this to her. 

I also hope every one is having a better year than last year.

Now get out there and keep collecting. 



  • Main Collection: 54,873
  • For Trade/Doubles - 3,033
  • 1991 Topps Glow Backs - 0
  • Mattingly Doubles - 230
  • Total Cards Logged - 58,136
  • Complete Sets - 50
  • Insert Sets/Errors - 12


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Friday, December 15, 2023

OAMC #22 - The Brady Effect...

 Organizing a Million Cards #22 - The Brady Effect...

So I guess I have to comment on the industry now that the Tom Brady craziness is happening. 

There have been a lot of conflicting opinions on this. Rod Carew even commented asking if baseball was so boring that the card industry had to resort to this? Many say it's good for the hobby as it brings more people to cards. And yet others are laughing at the unfortunate loss many of the buyers of Brady cards are going to take. 

Somehow I'm reminded of Project 70...

Gimmicks don't build collectors for life. They plant the flippers and people in this for the money at the forefront.  I hate to tell this to the those people, but Fanatics is laughing all the way to the bank.

A lot of hate is being given to Breakers lately too about this. Partially because the companies are leaning hits towards breakers. This isn't a real problem for me. There are some awesome breaks out there--Affordable Group Breaks, Ben's Cards and Collectibles Box Breaks and, of course, Midwest Box Breaks to name a few. If card companies want to pander hits to large breakers that's fine. That doesn't mean you can't pull gold out of retail, it just means the odds are "ever in" their favor.

What truly keeps collectors coming back isn't the chase for the 1/1 SSSSSP semi-gloss, cracked magenta refactor auto with a blood sample from the player. No. It's the build. It's the PC. It's the chance to own history and see a collection come together. 

I've been in this hobby since April 8th, 1984. First card was a 1984 Topps Rick Cerone #617. I just finished this set on the 12/12/23--39 years, 7 months and 4 days later. The feeling was better than pulling any auto, relic or RC ever. Completion. That's what I crave.

People collect for different reasons. I collect to finish sets and because sorting helps sooth my PTSD. Cards have always been my escape from anything bad--starting with childhood. I know some people who collect for historical reasons, team loyalty, player loyalty and even just to be part of the community. 

There is nothing wrong with flipping, breaking, stack sales (Which I love--ask ImoMitch) or any of the monetary reasons people get cards. But when the industry turns towards them and away from the collector, we have a problem.

This is one reason I love Heritage. A true set collector beast of a set. 725 cards. 125 SP's. Just like building an early 70's set with the hard to get high numbers. Minimal inserts with limited cards in each and a Chrome set. Add a parallel of each kind, a relic and an auto and I'm done. I have learned to appreciate this set for the nostalgia and hope Fanatics doesn't take it away like they did Opening Day or make the SP's so hard to get like they did with Big League.

The best thing I can say about this Brady card mania is this:

Collect for whatever reason you like. If the gimmick isn't for you, then don't buy into it. Do you and don't worry about anyone else.

With that said, if they could make a Bowman Draft lite box for set collectors, that would be great.


  • Main Collection: 30,535
  • For Trade/Doubles - 1,105
  • 1991 Topps Glow Backs - 0
  • Mattingly Doubles - 0
  • Total Cards Logged - 31,640
  • Complete Sets - 24
  • Insert Sets - 1
  • Master Sets - 0


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Thursday, December 7, 2023

OAMC #21 - Florida, Head Colds and SOTO!

Organizing a Million Cards #21 - Florida, Head Colds and SOTO!

So we went to Florida this past weekend. Well, that was adventurous...

The good thing is that my wife finally met my dad face to face. The bad thing is that we drove 10+ hours to get there and after 36 hours in Florida--Stef woke up with a sore throat. So, I made a command decision to drive us back 10+ hours so she could rest for a day before going to work. 

She was bummed as we didn't get to see my best friend of 30 years, Dan. It was going to be Stef's first time meeting him, his wife, and both of our first times meeting their daughter. 

So, on the way home, we took a detour--through Fort Stewart, GA. It was her first time on an Army base and the first time I had been there since I left over a decade ago. I showed her where I used to work and a few cool things we could see from the truck. We also detoured through Glennville, GA. I showed her my old house. (The only house I have ever owned.) On the way out of Glennville, we stopped at the Walgreens and bought cards. (A fitting middle finger to my ex who lived there with me and made fun of my hobby...) 

Before leaving GA, we also found a Piggly Wiggly. I finally got my T-Shirt I wanted. The back says, "Go Pig or Go Home."

When we got back, she rested and then started to feel better...  Guess what happened to me? 

Yep, I got sick. Still fighting it now. Unlike her version with the sneezing, I am just clogged and have the swimming head. Overall, I feel drained, but hopefully will be good soon. Besides, we have a Christmas Tree to put up.

On the upside, I woke up at 5:30 am when Stef was getting ready for work. Now normally I prep her stuff for the day, but she insisted I stay in bed--I feel like crap, so I didn't argue. When I went to respond to her text that she was at work, I saw this...

That made it a pretty awesome morning to be a Yankees fan. I know people hate the "Evil Empire" but I grew up in Brooklyn and I remember the drought from the 80's until Jeter, so this is exciting. That lineup is going to be nuts.

Other than that, I have been slowly logging cards and working with people to fill in sets. 

Hope all is well with everyone. Gonna go drink an Emergen-C.


  • Main Collection: 20,800
  • For Trade/Doubles - 1,020
  • 1991 Topps Glow Backs - 0
  • Mattingly Doubles - 0
  • Total Cards Logged - 21,820
  • Complete Sets - 16
  • Insert Sets - 1
  • Master Sets - 0


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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

OAMC #20 - Sets, Doubles and Florida--Oh My!

 Organizing a Million Cards #20 - Sets, Doubles and Florida--Oh My!

The week started pretty awesome as I received the last 14 cards to finish 2023 Topps from a new friend in Illinois. Anytime I finish a set it's exciting but making new friends is even better.

This week saw a lot of movement on sets from some great friends who have banded together to take down 85 Topps--38 years after I got my first card from that set! These are the same guys who helped build 84 and 78! Amazing group that always comes through.

My ultimate goal is to give back to this community as much as I can. I have a ton of doubles. I just don't know what. As I get them logged, they will be re-homed as much as possible. I'm talking single cards, sealed boxes and factory sets.

Which brings me to an update about what's happening. 

I have been logging complete sets. This is an easy way to get my sets in. I have also been logging known doubles. Many of my duplicate RC's and Doubles as I find them.

The down side is that I don't have the room I used to. So, even as I get these logged they get moved to the garage with the dehumidifier that is keeping them safe.

We have already been eyeballing houses with finished basements for the Card Room...

It's the nice way of keeping my mess--Cards, Guitars, etc.--out of the wife's immediate vision.  The amount of stuff can be overwhelming.

With all of that, I am finally going to Florida to see my dad. It's been a few years. This will be the first time he meets Stef face to face. I'm excited!


  • Main Collection: 17,523
  • For Trade/Doubles - 702
  • 1991 Topps Glow Backs - 0
  • Mattingly Doubles - 0
  • Total Cards Logged - 18,225
  • Complete Sets - 13
  • Insert Sets - 1
  • Master Sets - 0


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Monday, November 20, 2023

OAMC #19 - Generosity in the Hobby is Still Alive

Organizing a Million Cards #19 - Generosity in the Hobby is Still Alive

An amazing collector who I consider a friend, runs a weekly giveaway thread on Twitter. His name is Nathan.

@ngtcollectibles on Twitter (or X) has been doing this weekly thread for years. I have met some amazing people who I've traded with and developed some extremely meaningful friendships with. 

One of the best parts about this portion of the hobby community is that it doesn't matter if you've been out of the hobby for a bit or had to take a break for health reasons then moved and am now trying to figure out what you have...  (Cough, cough) It also doesn't matter how often you post a giveaway.  

There are no expectations. People understand that sometimes you are the one helping and sometimes you need the help.

So this week, I asked for some help with recent sets while I figure out the rest of my collection. A longtime friend is working on finishing 23 Topps Update for me and a newer friend is working on finishing 23 Topps S2 for me. I also got some needed help with Topps Holiday through another new friend who sells at a reasonable price. (But not on the thread, as sales are prohibited.) A friend I've traded vintage with is hooking me up with my first 55 Bowman and another friend who I trade with him and his son is sending me a Gwynn card I need. Last week, another friend hooked me up with a sweet Hoskins relic. (I will post pics on Twitter as they get here.)

This was all within a few hours.

My wife and I plan to hook my friend's son up with Red Sox and Crystals, while another friend needs local sports teams due to an unfortunate incident that lost him most of his collection. Many of these amazing people are on my radar for future ways to pay it back. (I have piles of cards for each of them on my desk. As I sort, the piles grow.) As I get sorted, I will also be posting to the giveaway thread. Paying it forward is what it's all about.

And Nathan makes this all possible. So thank you to Nathan and all of the amazing collectors on his thread.

In other news, I started slowly logging sets from the garage while still logging the High Value cards. Progress is happening.


  • Main Collection: 5,974
  • For Trade/Doubles - 606
  • 1991 Topps Glow Backs - 0
  • Mattingly Doubles - 0
  • Total Cards Logged - 6,580


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