Thursday, December 7, 2023

OAMC #21 - Florida, Head Colds and SOTO!

Organizing a Million Cards #21 - Florida, Head Colds and SOTO!

So we went to Florida this past weekend. Well, that was adventurous...

The good thing is that my wife finally met my dad face to face. The bad thing is that we drove 10+ hours to get there and after 36 hours in Florida--Stef woke up with a sore throat. So, I made a command decision to drive us back 10+ hours so she could rest for a day before going to work. 

She was bummed as we didn't get to see my best friend of 30 years, Dan. It was going to be Stef's first time meeting him, his wife, and both of our first times meeting their daughter. 

So, on the way home, we took a detour--through Fort Stewart, GA. It was her first time on an Army base and the first time I had been there since I left over a decade ago. I showed her where I used to work and a few cool things we could see from the truck. We also detoured through Glennville, GA. I showed her my old house. (The only house I have ever owned.) On the way out of Glennville, we stopped at the Walgreens and bought cards. (A fitting middle finger to my ex who lived there with me and made fun of my hobby...) 

Before leaving GA, we also found a Piggly Wiggly. I finally got my T-Shirt I wanted. The back says, "Go Pig or Go Home."

When we got back, she rested and then started to feel better...  Guess what happened to me? 

Yep, I got sick. Still fighting it now. Unlike her version with the sneezing, I am just clogged and have the swimming head. Overall, I feel drained, but hopefully will be good soon. Besides, we have a Christmas Tree to put up.

On the upside, I woke up at 5:30 am when Stef was getting ready for work. Now normally I prep her stuff for the day, but she insisted I stay in bed--I feel like crap, so I didn't argue. When I went to respond to her text that she was at work, I saw this...

That made it a pretty awesome morning to be a Yankees fan. I know people hate the "Evil Empire" but I grew up in Brooklyn and I remember the drought from the 80's until Jeter, so this is exciting. That lineup is going to be nuts.

Other than that, I have been slowly logging cards and working with people to fill in sets. 

Hope all is well with everyone. Gonna go drink an Emergen-C.


  • Main Collection: 20,800
  • For Trade/Doubles - 1,020
  • 1991 Topps Glow Backs - 0
  • Mattingly Doubles - 0
  • Total Cards Logged - 21,820
  • Complete Sets - 16
  • Insert Sets - 1
  • Master Sets - 0


(Vonnegut37 on TCDB)